Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Cabo Horseback Riding

Ideally, horseback riding should be a fun way to explore nature in Cabo San Lucas. Many advertisements for the activity picture tourists enjoying a beautiful sunset from the beach on horseback. Though we believe horseback riding is a positive experience like that most of the time, it isn’t like that all the time.

Cabo Horseback Riding

Given the mixed bag of reviews you may find on the activity, we’ve decided to try it out for ourselves to see what it’s really like to horseback ride in Cabo. We didn’t go on a sunset ride. In fact, we had to get up early in the morning for our tour. The ranch where the horses were for our specific tour was about 10 to 15 minutes away from our hotel in the Cabo center. You could see all kinds of farm animals there like roosters, donkeys, ostriches, and goats to name a few.

Cabo Peacock
A Peacock Seen in the Ranch

As soon as the horses were released, I hopped onto one of them and waited for the rest of our group to get onto theirs. The tour guide took the lead and immediately all horses followed each other. We noted how well-trained they were since they obeyed the guide’s every command. He took us through the Cabo desert, but we didn’t find the particular area we toured to be visually appealing. This was somewhat disappointing considering all the beautiful scenery there is to see in Cabo San Lucas.

The only bright side of the tour (scenery-wise) was when we had reached the beach. The beach was situated somewhere along Cabo’s Corridor, but we didn’t carry maps with us to know its exact location. The view was great, but to our dismay, we hardly spent much time at the beach afterall. We were there for about two or three minutes at most before heading back for the ranch. The ride back got a little more interesting, however, since the guide ordered the horses to start galloping. This was a bit of a fun challenge for myself since I do enjoy going fast. The others found this to be a bit painful though, considering all the vertical motion these horses make.

Despite not enjoying the scenic views we had hoped for, we did have a good time. And when we were done, much of the day was still left to do other things in Cabo like kayaking, since our tour took place in the morning.

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