Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Kayaking in Cabo

Don’t leave your trip without experiencing the beauty of Los Cabos firsthand by kayak. Fascinating scenery can be seen from almost anywhere in Cabo San Lucas ‑ and the kayak gives you quite an advantage. You’ll be able to access unique areas and geography not possible by foot or larger watercrafts.

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Kayaking in Cabo

Kayak in any one of the beautiful Chileno, Santa Maria, or Twin Dolphin bays.

Cabo kayakers have various options, some of which include going on a guided tour as part of a group or by themselves on a single or double kayak. If you choose to be in a guided group environment, you can opt for a half-day or full-day tour. The half-day tour starts at the marina and makes a stop at Pelican Rock before heading to El Arco. Pelican Rock is so named because, you guessed it, pelicans land there often. Once you’re at this site, you may snorkel and get a pretty good view of the underwater marine life. If you’re interested in a complete snorkeling tour, visit our Cabo Snorkeling page for more information. After finishing with Pelican Rock, kayakers head to El Arco which is less than a half mile away. El Arco is Spanish for “The Arch.” This is the famous rocky arch seen on the top of our homepage. Here you’ll be able to view the sea lion colony up close.

Kayaking in Cabo
Kayaking from Médano Beach, Los Cabos

Half-day tours run for around US$70 to $85. In case you’re interested in embarking on a full-day tour, you could kayak in the beautiful Chileno, Santa Maria, and Twin Dolphin bays. Snorkeling is included and is actually better than with the half-day kayaking trips. This will, however, come at the higher cost of US$140 to $185 per person (lunch and gear included).

The other option is to rent a kayak yourself if you’ve got the experience. The most common way of doing this is by renting one right from Médano Beach and paddling along Land’s End. We don’t recommend kayaking in open waters since the waves could cause your kayak much instability. In addition, you could find yourself in the middle of high speed jet ski traffic as well as cruise ship traffic. When paddling, experienced kayakers may head to El Arco for a good view.

Avoid Kayaking Into the Pacific

I, feeling confident enough in my ability, made the attempt and reached the Cabo Arch. Although the view was truly breathtaking, the waves got more and more intense to the extent that my kayak flipped over. Fortunately, two jet skiers nearby (Diego and Michelle) had all the patience and kindness to help me (and my kayak) back to the shore. Kayaking near the arch is potentially treacherous because the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean merge with those of the Sea of Cortés at exactly that point. You won’t have to worry about having an experience like mine if you just avoid getting too close to the arch. Be sure to use cheap sunglasses (available from the vendors at Médano Beach) when kayaking or doing any other watersport. Had I not done that, I would have lost my original pair and the kayaking trip would’ve costed a lot more than expected. Oh yes, and be sure to use a life jacket; if you do happen to flip over after a quick paddle, you’re likely to have exhausted yourself to the point that you may not be able to swim! That said, kayak rentals go for about US$15 per hour.

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