Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Off-roading in Cabo

Looking for fun away from the water? Though Cabo offers many watersports enjoyed by people of all ages, perhaps you might be in the mood for something on land. Here’s a Cabo activity that could keep your adrenaline running.

Cabo Off-roading

Enjoy anything from seaside vistas to mountains.

Off-roading, one of the less common activities in Cabo San Lucas, lets you experience Los Cabos from a totally different angle. There are three types of vehicles to choose from: dirt bikes, quads, and dune buggies. Quads may also be referred to as ATVs ‑ All-Terrain Vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a thrill or a calm adventure through the back roads of Cabo, ATVs make a great choice. You can ride along sand dunes or open beaches. One of the few places you can’t ride around, however, are beaches where swimming is commonplace. When off-roading, you may enjoy anything from seaside vistas to mountains. It all depends on the tour you select.

Off-roading tours may be arranged from your hotel. There are also posts scattered around the marina and the streets of Cabo that can book them for you. ATV tours cost about US$60 per person or US$80 for a double (two people). Lunch and drinks are provided on all-day trips.

If you do choose to explore Los Cabos by means of off-roading, you may visit the ruins of El Faro Viejo and see a 1912 shipwreck as well. In the six hour tour, you could visit La Candelaria. This inland village, located 25 miles north of Cabo, is rich with vegetation and not to mention heritage.

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