Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Parasailing in Cabo

If you’re tired of being a ground animal, then parasailing might be just what you need in your Cabo vacation. You will get nothing but the best views of the Cabo Bay as you soar above the Sea of Cortés. The parasailing boats are outfitted with two high-power motors capable of delivering more than adequate lift to the parasails. In fact, their motors are so powerful that the boat isn’t allowed to dock in the cabo marina. You’ll first need to board a regular boat that will escort you to the speed machine.

Cabo Parasailing

You will get nothing but the best views of the Cabo Bay.

Going on a parasailing tour with an established company means you’ll be in the hands of trained professionals. Ask your hotel concierge for the best parasailing tours. Parasailing is a potentially dangerous activity when sailing in stormy weather. However, bad weather conditions are extremely rare in Cabo (that’s why people travel there).

In case you’d like to take someone along with you, that can be done too. The ride usually lasts at least 8-10 minutes and can sometimes be as long as 20 if you’re lucky. However, we’re sure you’ll remember every bit of it for a lot longer than that. Typically about two to three minutes is used for the ascent with at least six for cruising and another two to three minutes for the descent. Some crew members may even give your companions aboard the boat the option to momentarily land whoever is parasailing on the water! This is a great prank that works on anyone not expecting it (don’t worry, the crew will make sure parasailers get a decent landing after that brief dip).

Rates average US$35 per person for what usually is an 8-10 minute ride. Ours was at least 15 minutes.

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