Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Snorkeling in Cabo

There’s nothing quite like spending time underwater and getting to know those finned creatures we share the world with. Thankfully, Cabo San Lucas offers a variety of ways in which snorkeling may be done in a fun environment. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular snorkeling trips in Cabo.

Chileno Bay, Los Cabos

One of the world’s richest bodies of water.

Chileno Bay Snorkeling

Situated in a unique part of Los Cabos, Chileno Bay, or Bahía Chileno, is the site frequented more than any other by Cabo snorkel excursions. And there’s a good reason for that. Its coral reefs attract sealife from one of the world’s richest bodies of water — the Sea of Cortés. The water at Chileno Bay also happens to be very clear making way for perfect snorkeling conditions.

Snorkel Tours

Cabo Snorkeling
A happy snorkeler in Chileno Bay

The most common way to get to Bahía Chileno is by a snorkel tour. These may be arranged either at your hotel or at any of a number of tour booths scattered around the streets of Cabo. Every morning, snorkel tour boats leave the Cabo marina to start a fun-filled adventure that usually goes on until 3 o’clock.

Upon leaving the marina, snorkel boats start a brief tour of Land’s End. A pit stop is made at El Arco, the Cabo arch, before heading off to Chileno Bay. If your captain is experienced enough, a brief visit to the turbulent Pacific side of Los Cabos may be had for great picture taking. During the ride to Bahía Chileno, most tours will provide dance music and free drinks such as margaritas, Mai Tais, and beers. It should take about 45 minutes to reach the bay.

A seal in Cabo
A seal is seen on the Pacific side of Land’s End

When you get to the main snorkeling site, you will be provided with everything you need to get started: goggles, fins, a snorkel, and a life vest. You may use your own equipment if you wish. The types of fish and sealife you may find here are indicated in our Chileno Beach page. Chileno Beach is just a swimming distance away from the area that you’ll be snorkeling at in the bay

The captain will sound the horn when it’s time for the group to get back to the boat. At this point of the tour, most tour companies will provide lunch for everyone. Vibrant music will be played as you cruise back to the Cabo marina. One of our favorite parts of these snorkeling tours is when on the way back, the MC hosts a funny show with boat passengers. The contests they have on-board are pretty creative and are sure to make everyone laugh a lot. The Caborey snorkel tour, on the other hand, is geared toward a more solemn crowd so there isn’t much sense of humor there if that’s what you prefer.

Snorkeling Near Lover’s Beach

On the way to Lover’s Beach, Cabo
On the way to Lover’s Beach

Another popular snorkeling site is at Lovers Beach and around the Land’s End rock formations nearby. Plenty of tropical fish can be seen here since this is close to where the Pacific Ocean merges with the Sea of Cortés. There are some tours that can take you here in a group, but you can also come on your own if you like.

If snorkeling independently, you will need to bring your own equipment along. The best way to do this is by boarding a water taxi from Playa el Médano, a.k.a. Médano Beach, for about $10 US. Lover’s Beach is less than a mile away from Médano Beach so the ride won’t be too long. Renting a kayak on Médano Beach is another alternative. You’d have to paddle by the inner harbor ‘til you’re close to Las Playitas, the mini-beaches. Don’t get close to any of the boats while snorkeling, and always make sure you can be seen. We recommend just kayaking up to Lover’s Beach and snorkeling there. The water is clear enough to see through from the surface.

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