Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Chileno Beach

This beach is the most popular diving and snorkeling site in Cabo San Lucas. Located just a bit more than halfway along the Corridor, swimming conditions are excellent here thanks to the Chileno Bay. Unlike in Médano Beach, underwater visibility is perfect for observing the sea life below. The clarity and beauty of the water here is reminiscent of the beaches you would find in the Caribbean. Plenty of exotic fish such as angelfish and parrotfish can be spotted here. It is also home to tropical fish, moray eels, sea turtles, sea urchins, sea fans, sponges, starfish, and invertebrates. Just beware of touching the rocks as you can get in contact with barnacles.

Chileno Beach

The clarity of the water here is reminiscent of the beaches you would find in the Caribbean.

For added convenience, there are restrooms and showers on the beach. Chileno Beach is one of the few beaches in the Corridor to offer natural shade by palapas. There aren’t any restaurants here so don’t forget to pack along those necessary food and beverage items.

Chileno Beach
View of the Chileno Bay

If you’re renting a car, no problem as this beach provides free parking in a separate area. There is a gate at the entrance which permits beach access for people, but not vehicles. Upon entering the gate, you will follow a path through a stunning grove of palms in order to get to the beach. There are hundreds of tropical palm trees at Playa Chileno. Visitors here will enjoy the fact that vendors don’t come here often.

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Chileno Beach

An alternative way to arrive at Playa Chileno is by boat from the marina. If you’ve arranged a snorkeling tour, chances are the boat you board will come to this beach. The trip should take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. You could save money and enjoy even longer snorkeling excursions if you get here by road as opposed to by boat. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Médano Beach. Of course, you would need to bring your own snorkeling equipment if you get here by car and would like to snorkel.

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