Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Las Playitas

First off, it’s worth mentioning that Las Playitas does not refer to a single beach. Rather, the term refers to several very small beaches that are often overlooked by most travelers in Cabo. They are found adjacent to the rock formations leading up to Lover’s Beach and Land’s End. Since they are so small, some of them may be underwater during high tide. However, when the tide is normal, Las Playitas are popular attractions among locals. There are no vendors here for obvious reasons. In some instances you can even have the entire beach to yourself.

Las Playitas

The perfect place to actually get away from it all.

Las Playitas

The surf tends to be relatively calm around here compared to Lover’s Beach. Snorkeling is a great choice at Las Playitas due to the fairly decent underwater visibility. Feel free to start a picnic here if you’d like. As a result of their small size, there aren’t any restrooms available.

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In order to get to these beaches, you would need to arrive by boat. As an alternative to a motorized boat, you may get here by kayak if you so choose. Relaxation is great at Las Playitas; and you may find this to be the perfect place to actually get away from it all.

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