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Mango Deck

In case you haven’t already heard, Mango Deck is the go-to place for partying on Medano Beach. It’s home to spring-break-type action such as wet t-shirt, beer drinking, push up, and a host of other contests. But can they deliver when it comes to a nice, relaxing dinner on the beach? Having been there a number of times for lunch, I decided to try them out for just that purpose.

Mango Deck Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like having food straight from the Sea of Cortés while dining just a few feet away from the sea.

Mango Deck
Over at the deck in Mango Deck.

The first thing you’ll notice when taking a walk on Médano Beach at sunset, apart from the awesome views, is the music. I counted at least six restaurants with live musicians over a walking distance of about 2000 feet. You could hear anything from a relaxing Spanish guitar (professionally played) to loud and upbeat music by a complete salsa band. I really wanted to stay and listen to all the musicians at the different restaurants but had to settle with one to dine in for the evening.

I must admit, the reason I chose Mango Deck for dinner was because I was attracted to what I was hearing as I walked by ‑ just as the sailors were attracted to the sound of the Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey.

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Service First Impressions

This place is always busy all day, everyday. The problem is that we wanted a table with a good view of the band and the dance floor in front, but there weren’t any available. I asked the waiter if we could physically move the one we were assigned to toward a better spot. After consulting with the other staff, he returned and was happy to move it for us.

One of the people in the party I came in with happens to be real picky when it comes to ordering at restaurants. He asked so many questions about the different dishes that it felt like he was interviewing the waiter for a position as head-chef. Nevertheless, the waiters were all very patient with us, thankfully, and convinced him to go with the whole red snapper. I ordered the fresh fish fillet.

What to Eat

It was actually surprising to see healthy and good quality items in their dinner menu. Normally when I come around for lunch, I usually see people ordering things like nachos with thick melted cheese, tacos, quesadillas, chiles rellenos ‑ all not exactly the healthiest stuff around. For dinner, you’ll find dishes like fillet mignon and steamed lobster on the menu. They even have a salad bar upstairs which is available to everyone ordering main courses at this restaurant. The salad here was actually the cleanest we’ve seen in most of Cabo. You could customize it with slices of mango and melon or a variety of dressings and toppings.

Unfortunately, my fresh fish fillet did not pack as much flavor as I had hoped. I did try the whole red snapper that came to my table, and that was really good ‑ almost as good as the one at Las Mariscadas, also in Cabo. The benefit of ordering it here is that you get an awesome view of Land’s End to go along with it.

There’s nothing quite like having food straight from the Sea of Cortés while dining just a few feet away from the sea. In fact, the Sea of Cortés is one of the world’s richest bodies of water and is also regarded as the Marlin Capital of the World. Try snorkeling or fishing here in Cabo to see for yourself.

Mango Deck Salad.


One of the best things about having dinner here is listening to the live band and seeing them perform in front of a one-of-a-kind backdrop at sunset. The scenery right behind them is Land’s End, Cabo. This is the point where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortés and marks the end of the Baja California peninsula.

You won’t be disappointed with the music at this restaurant. It’s no wonder why the dance floor often fills rather quickly. Their main emphasis is upbeat Latin music that is great to listen to whether you feel in the mood to dance or just sit back and relax. They have a quartet with one guy playing an electric guitar, a lady as the main vocalist, another guy playing an electric piano rendering various instruments, and, of course, the all-important drummer to keep things moving. That evening they brought a special guest from one of the tables who had a surprisingly good voice to sing a few songs. Everyone was impressed.

Fire show at Mango Deck.
Fire show at Mango Deck.

What I was a little disappointed with was the MC guy who hosted the couples-competition that evening. I’ve been here many times before and the MCs normally were good at getting everyone’s attention while keeping things fun and interesting. The one they hired around our most recent trip doesn’t seem to have the personality to lift up a crowd’s energy and actually felt kind of boring. That’s probably why over 80 percent of the guests weren’t even budging to look at the stage when he was there.

As a little bonus, however, waiters later came by the tables to light our candles for the upcoming fire show. Once everything was ready, all the lights were turned off and the music had begun. The fire show is a bit similar to the one from Carnaval at the Pueblo Bonito Rose (look for the picture gallery of this weekly event on that page) except for the fact that this was a one-man show. We didn’t see him eat any fire, but he did do a good job juggling and throwing it around. The performer later visited tables briefly for well-deserved tips. We left about 15 minutes after the end of the show to conclude an overall excellent 2+ hour dinner on Médano Beach.

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We highly recommend you visit Mango Deck for lunch or dinner in your next trip to Cabo.

Phone: +52 (624) 143.0901

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