Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Médano Beach

Being the most popular beach in Cabo, Playa el Médano, or Médano Beach, spans several kilometers along the Cabo Bay. Only after coming here in person will you truly experience the beauty of the Sea of Cortés. Despite our busy everyday lives, it’s when we do the simple things, like walking along the shore of Médano Beach, that we appreciate being a part of this planet. Introspective moments like this may strike you from time to time in Cabo’s beaches — and Médano Beach is no exception.

Medano Beach

It’s when we do the simple things, like walking along the shore of Médano Beach, that we appreciate being a part of this planet.

Medano Beach Coastline
The Medano Beach coastline at noon.

Since this beach is the most frequented in Cabo San Lucas, many of the chairs with umbrellas fill up quickly. Guests staying at the resorts lining the beach enjoy the convenience of waiters taking orders right from their spots. Whether you stay at one of these resorts or not, there are always many options for eating and drinking here. Palapa bars offering things like seafood, burgers, quesadillas, and cold beverages can be found throughout.

We highly recommend eating at Cilantro’s in front of the Pueblo Bonito Blanco on Médano Beach. For lunch, they serve mouth-watering shrimp ceviches and delicious Italian sandwiches to name only a few. On Tuesday evenings in front of the beach, the Pueblo Bonito Blanco hosts the Fiesta Mexicana. This includes live enertainment, some of which involves members of the audience, as well as a full dinner buffet.

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Medano Beach

Médano Beach Activities

There is an ample amount of stands selling activities at Médano Beach, making any watersport just a short walk away. Your choice of jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and more can be done without ever having to leave. Refer to our Cabo Tours & Activities page for more information. Snorkeling is not possible at this particular beach since underwater visibility is exceptionally low. Nearby, you’ll spot a number of boats taking people to Lover’s Beach, El Arco, and back. Large cruise ships may be seen from Médano Beach occasionally, making way for excellent photographs. As you walk around the beach, vendors may approach you. If you’re not interested in what they are selling, just let them know and they will politely go away. If you are interested, then good bargains can be had with some negotiation. On the beach right by some hotels, there are defined boundaries which vendors are not allowed to cross to approach tourists.

A defining characteristic of Médano Beach is the party atmosphere throughout. Here, people are enjoying margaritas, meeting new folks, and just plain havin’ fun. Don’t miss out on the various shows and contests at Mango Deck on the beach. They sure know how to entertain an audience.

As the sun makes its way down to set, walk along the coast, and with a little luck you may notice manta rays jumping over the water. Anything is possible in Médano Beach.

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