Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Sunset Beach

I must point out from the beginning that this is not a beach to go to if you’re looking to do any beach activities or swimming. Frankly, once you’re on the sand there’s not much to do other than avoid the water as best you can. However, the Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach resort, the complex that rests on this beach, is a totally different story. There’s plenty to do at the hotel and the atmosphere is as good as it gets. You could watch the breathtaking vistas of the ocean from almost any level at this huge resort.

Sunset Beach

Stay away from the water at all times.

Sunset Beach

Since this is strictly a review of the beach itself, I will reserve all the positive comments on the resort (there are many) for another article. That said, Sunset Beach is one of the best places in Cabo to work on your tan if needed. There are pretty much no obstacles in the way that could interfere with sunbathing, so it would be just you and the Cabo sun.

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If you’re actually on the beach, be alert to stay away from the water at all times and do not even touch it. People do drown here from time to time, and this is among the most dangerous beaches to attempt a swim in Cabo. During my last visit, I was told that a lady drowned the prior week after walking on the coast ankle-deep. It turned out, apparently, that the undertow was so large that the forces on her feet were enough to suck her back into the ocean and never let her out. The ocean current is too powerful, and crashing waves can even be seen from over a mile away.

The only swimmers that do come here visit between January and March. If you’ve guessed correctly, you’d be thinking of the whales. Sunset Beach is a great whale watching spot in Cabo San Lucas.

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